NUMNY offers a broad range of payment solutions to Enterprises connecting merchants and consumers to provide all necessary tools for simple and safe transactions environment.

Our state of the art secure digital goods distribution and delivery platform is based on proprietary modular accounts management and payments processing system that is fully integrated with many leading international processors and digital goods suppliers. NUMNY platform is a fully extensible real-time system that is uniquely positioned across merchants, payments, and suppliers to deliver comprehensive digital goods distribution and management solution.

Platform overview
Platform benefits:
  • Financial Institutions can instantly deploy a secure and customized accounts management and electronic payment solution.
  • Merchants can accept payments from customers over the Internet, point of sale, and virtual terminal. Our modular accounts management and payments processing system has been developed using Microsoft .NET technology with MS SQL server to store and process transactions; our architecture enable us to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customers’ data in addition each transaction processed by us is in accordance with the strict payment/banking transaction processing and data safety standards (PCI).
  • All customer data managed using proprietary software
  • Safe and secure transfer of data in accordance with the PCI standard
  • Powerful and flexible API that is secure and standards based
  • In-house software engineers, developers and systems administrators to assist you with your specific needs
Platform features:
  • Fast and easy setup of new card and merchant programs.
  • Multi Currency; Multi Region; Multi Language
  • Multi Base BINs: Ability to run multiple card programs at the same time.
  • Multi Administrators: Manage administrators access privileges while logging all administrators activity.
  • Complete and detailed logging trail for all administration activity on the system.
  • Messaging system between administrators and users.
  • Advanced customization options for the User Interface.
  • Security, sensitive information and passwords are stored using encrypted algorithms.
  • PCI Compliance and daily automated network security audits combined with an extensive daily vulnerability scanning procedure.
  • Electronic User data validation services to validate email, telephone, banking information, credit card data, address, social security information.
  • Verification matrix linked to a user trust levels enabling administrators to control transaction limits
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Ability to integrate with external applications using web services

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