Become a NUMNY distributer utilizing our state of the art secure digital goods distribution and delivery platform to start earning reoccurring stable income distributing products and services such as Telecommunications charge cards, International top-ups, Gaming cards, and much more.

Using our platform which connects to a POS mobile device and printer you’ll be able to distribute hundreds of instantly delivered products and services easily and quickly.

Telecommunications charge cards

International top-ups

Gaming cards

How our distribution and delivery platform work
  • Sign up with us by completing the distributer application
  • Upon approval, our team will provide you with everything you need to get started:
    1. Setup your distributer account with your initial money deposit
    2. Provide you with POS printers that work seamlessly with any Android mobile device
    3. Provide you with training on how to manage the distribution system and your seller network
    4. Marketing material and in-store displays to supply to your sellers network
  • You start signing up sellers under your network and provide training and support
  • You manage the money collections from your sellers
  • Your sellers start processing transactions and your profit get accumulated in the system settlement account 
  • Your profit get transferred from the system settlement account to your bank account every month
  • Motivate your sellers to sell more and increase your profit margins and your ROI
Benefits of becoming a distributer
  • Increase your sales by maximizing the revenue potential from your existing distribution network
  • ROI in less than 1 year
  • Recurring stable income once the distribution network has been established
  • Generous commission fees which means high profit margins to you
  • Create a new market niche by attracting new customer base
  • Easy to use state of the art secure digital goods distribution and delivery platform
  • Wide selection of products and services not available with any other supplier
Requirements to become a distributer
  • Copy of valid business registration certificate
  • Copy of valid government issued identification for the business owner or the business signing authority
  • Active bank account under the business name or the business owner name as in the business registration certificate
  • Signed and stamped distributer agreement
  • One time platform setup fees (Will be discussed after reviewing the application)
  • Minimum yearly sales commitment (Will be discussed after reviewing the application)
  • Minimum number of POS locations (Will be discussed after reviewing the application)
  • Security deposit for each Point of Sale device (Refundable in case the distributer desires to terminate the agreement)

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Please complete the distributers inquires form to inquire about becoming a distributer.